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Harlem Ave Chicago
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Fri, Mar 31, 2023
Full time

A Furniture Sales Specialist is the face of Divine Consign. It is the first opportunity for customers to be introduced to the nature and culture of Divine Consign. The specialist must be well-dressed, well-spoken, knowledgeable on current inventory, and present a confident/competent manner. The Specialist must believe in Divine Consigns Mission Statement and Store Culture and display that belief in all aspects of their work. A specialist never engages in gossip or negative talk about fellow staff members, customers or consignors. A specialist treats fellow staff members, consignors and customers with the utmost respect at all times. For purposes of this description “customer” refers to both customers and consignors.

The Job Description of a FSS is as follows:

1.    Adopt, learn and display exceptional selling techniques with promote Divine Consign’s Store Culture. This includes an eagerness to learn new sales techniques and a strict adherence to best practices in performance of their duties at all times.

2.    Provide Exceptional Customer Service by addressing a customer’s needs quickly and efficiently. A FSS should be able ask appropriate questions to identify a customer “pain points” and provide advice and methods to alleviate them. Excellent customer service includes following up with customers personally until a matter comes to completion. It requires a cool-head and great problem-solving skills to address and repair inevitable issues that may arise.

3.    FSS must display a proficiency at understanding and operating Divine Consigns POS system (Traxia) and Dispatchtrack. They must have great familiarity with the website and online store.

4.    A FSS is responsible for Merchandising the floor. This includes:

a.    Arriving 15 minutes before a shift to walk the floor and make sure all vignettes are properly merchandised and create amazing displays (understanding that the goal is to sell the entire vignette as one room).

                                              i.    Walking the floor to clean up any garbage and identify and maintenance needs that need to be addressed.

                                            ii.    Fill all informational and promotional material (business cards, store information etc.). If any supplies (including store supplies) are needed, this is to be reported to Management immediately.

b.    Make sure every item on the floor is properly tagged, cleaned and no repairs are required. Clean and tag furniture as necessary to make sure furniture is presented in beautiful vignettes and displays.

c.    Identify, understand and strive to meet all sales goals by

                                              i.    Working with your team to complete sales

                                            ii.    Upselling every customer

                                          iii.    Being familiar with the entire store inventory and being able to explain the benefits of each piece.

1.    How to identify quality furniture

2.    How to identify design styles.

3.    How to identify wood types.

4.    Observe any “issues” with an item, disclose and/or repair as necessary.

d.    Establish and maintain store layout at all times.

e.    Walk the floor every 30 minutes to tidy displays and correct any maintenance/safety issues. Any maintenance issue that cannot be solved by a specialist, must be reported to management immediately.


Communicate effectively with your team.

  1. A DC staff member NEVER uses course language or curse words at any time before, during or after their shift – and especially on the showroom floor.
  2. Work as a team to solve an issue that may arise
  3. Advise management as necessary of any issues, concerns, maintenance issues, etc.
  4. Work with Management to establish clear goals for yourself and the store.
  5. Come up with awesome ideas for promotions, store arrangement, customer service – basically any way we can make the store better.

6.    Learn about your products and be able to display and demonstrate this knowledge to your customer. Actively learn about the products we carry.

7.    Know and follow all store policies and procedures – without exception. We must apply all policies and procedures equally to ensure a professional environment that respects our customers and co-workers.

 i.    You must be able to answer any store question – and if you cannot, please find someone who can immediately. Stay active and follow up.

  ii.    Attend and participate in all in-store meetings, including meeting with your manager once per week.

   iii.    Display a familiarity with and abide by all rules, regulations and policies contained in Divine Consign’s Employee Handbook.

 iv.    No member of staff or management will engage in personal conversations on the showroom floor or in proximity to any customers/consignors.

 v.    No member of the staff will argue, question, or make inappropriate comments to another staff member, customer, or consignor. (No arguing in any form on the showroom floor or in proximity to a customer or consignor is permitted)

 vi.    No staff member shall discuss or comment about another customer or consignor while on the showroom floor or in proximity to another staff member, customer, or consignor. Meaning specifically - no talking about customers, consignors or staff members to other staff members, customer, or consignors – at any time – unless it is specifically to answer a relevant question or handle a current customer issue.


viii.    All disciplinary or customer issues that need be addressed should be discussed only with management, done so in private and conducted with the utmost respect for all parties involved. 

 ix.    Staff members should be treated with respect at all times and should treat other staff members with respect.

 x.    It is the duty of the Shift Manager to ensure that all staff are adhering to these policies and to take appropriate measures to make sure a warm inviting shopping/working environment is maintained.

 xi.    Any conduct requiring possible disciplinary action should be promptly reported to management.

 xii.    Listen to and work with Management o as to comply with all updated store rules, procedures, project requests and tasks.

8.    DC sales employees are TEAM PLAYERS – we do not offer individual commission on sales. We offer Sales Goal incentives. For that reason:

  • a.    We work together to make sales. Several people may work with a customer during the course of one visit (or multiple visits) to the store. There is no such thing as “taking someone’s customer”. We work together to provide every customer with the best customer service on the planet.
  • b.    We do NOT HOLD items. This includes, pulling tickets for customers who will come back later to purchase an item. Likewise, we do not leave tags on the back counter overnight, or after a customer has left the store for any reason. Tags are to be returned to the floor if a customer leaves the store for any reason If a customer is not sure about buying an item, all tags should be returned to an item (retag the item) immediately. Do not HOLD tags.
  • c. It doesn’t matter who rings up a sale. We work together as a team and there is no “credit” for ringing up a sale. So, even if you have worked with a client, another person can ring up a sale.
  • d. Be respectful of your fellow salespeople. If someone is working with a client, do not interrupt. Do not argue in front of customers. We all work together. If a fellow salesperson asks for help, please help them, but do not interrupt their work with a client (even if you had been working with that client previously).

9.    Become familiar with and stay up to date with onboarding company policy, stated company policy and any new company policies as they occur. This should be done in a timely manner.

  • Ask questions if you do not understand of have questions or concerns about ANY store policy. If you do not ask a question, we will assume that you fully understand (and agree to comply with) said policies.
  • Report any violations of company policy directly to Management.

10. Set an example of excellent store culture by strictly following all store policies, and abiding by our vision and core values.

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